Living and Care

Living & care options

Wharekaka care options:

Prior to moving into Wharekaka you will need an assessment.  FOCUS, part of the Wairarapa District Health Board assesses people and determines the level of care required. Our staff work with FOCUS to provide the most appropriate level of care.

Hospital Care:

Wharekaka Home is recognised as a provider of high quality hospital care for those with high level health and care needs. Residents have access 24/7 to a Registered Nurse. We also provide Health Recovery and Palliative Care.

Rest Home Care:

Wharekaka is home for our residents. All residents are encouraged to participate in daily life, where possible, in a warm, friendly, safe, homelike environment; always well supported by our fantastic clinical team. 

Short term care and day activities care:

If you are a carer, you and the person in your care may need a break from time to time. We can help. Wharekaka short stay gives you options ranging from your loved one joining us for activities and a midday meal or staying with us for several days or weeks at a time.

Such clients enjoy all the benefits that long-term residents access including participation in activities.

Some respite care clients return regularly and soon see the facility as their second home. The staff warmly welcome their return and most enjoy the chance to meet up with old friends among the residents.


We can support those living in their own homes through our daycare programme. We offer flexible options for spending partial or full days in the friendly and supportive environment of Wharekaka. We can collect you in our van and drop you off at the end of the day.

Our daycare programme operates Monday-Friday 10.30am to 3.00pm, excluding public holidays. Meeting other people and an opportunity to join in daily activities like exercise, watching a movie, card games, bingo or simply relaxing are just some of the things you can do. We take time to get to know everyone and offer a tailor made programme of activities. 

Booking in -

It is as simple as a telephone call to the Facilites Manager or Care Manager. You will be advised whether we have a vacancy and the process involved to become a permanent resident at Wharekaka.

For respite and day activities care:

It's as easy as contacting us with your preferred dates.

It is best to plan and book your stay with us as far in advance as possible.

We require your “front page” from your medical practitioner detailing your current medications, medical conditions and any alerts or allergies we may need to be aware of. Our staff will administer all medication at the usual times.